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Soundproofing & Noise Control

Noise control is increasingly becoming part of a nightclub or pub's licensing requirements. We can help you meet noise control requirement to keep both the authorities and your neighbors happy. This may be by limiting the sound system output volume or soundproofing the venue itself. If your license is at risk due to inadequate noise control or soundproofing call us for your solution.

Sound deli sell and install a full range noise control products from manufacturers such as Cloud and Formula Sound. DJ's and Musicians always want the music louder. So this does not put your license at risk many of the products we supply are tamper proof. Some units turn the volume down as the operator turns it up whilst other units can cut the mains power if the volume goes to high.

Often controlling the sound system output volume will satisfy licensing requirements. If this is not enough Sound Deli can help with soundproofing your venue itself. We build soundproofing walls that will cut the noise leaking to your neighbors

Another aspect of noise control at nightclub or pub 's is to do with Health and Safety at work. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 is now in force and applies to all places of work which includes pubs, bars and nightclubs.

Setting the upper limit on music levels is part of the solution. Sound Deli also position loudspeakers so that they are aiming away from workstations such as the bar area. This means that your customers can have loud music without affecting your staff. It also makes taking drink orders easier. Both these methods offer a cost effective solution for your obligation under the Noise at Work Regulations. If you want to go further we can help you with acoustic design and treatment.

Training and education is paramount as with all noise control measures. After an installation, soundproofing and noise control measures we are happy to come and train your staff on the importance of noise control and how to operate any equipment.

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Sound Deli specialises in Pub and Nightclub soundproofing and noise control We also carry out nightclub equipment installation. This include sound systems, lighting and AV.. All our service is 100% guaranteed. Call us now on 01273 746506 to find out how an installation from us will give you a great sounding pub, bar or nightclub.

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