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Pub Sound & Screens

Pub Sound Equipment
A pub installation need to be suitable for background music most of the time. We take this into account and won't try turning your pub into a nightclub. All cables will be run discretely so not to interfere with your decor and we will give your staff full training on how to use the equipment.

AV & Plasma Screens
It is a good old British tradition to go down the pub for a bit of football or rugby. We can carry out plasma screen installation for you. Plasma screens are available up to 60". If you require a more economical solution we can also install LCD screens.

Zoned Audio
We install flexible zoned sound systems allowing you to tailor audio for your customers. Zoned sound systems give you separate volume control for different parts of your pub. They also allow you to easily mix different audio sources so you can easily switch from CD to television. You can even have one part of the pub playing music while the other part has the football commentary.

Outdoor Sound & Screens
You can choose from a wide variety of equipment to make your smoking area look and sound it's best -Large 32" & 42" LCD screens, speakers that sound amazing supplied in a wide range of colors- All installed to the highest standard. All outdoor equipment is rated at least to IP54, which means you are guaranteed it will cope with the British weather.

We enjoy a good pint of real ale so if your pub sells proper cask beer email us today on for more competitive rates.

We look forward to your call and to doing business together. And remember all our installation service come with a





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Sound Deli specialises in Pub and Nightclub equipment installation. This include sound systems, lighting and AV. We also supply PA packages for gyms and aerobics classes. All our service is 100% guaranteed. Call us now on 01273 746506 to find out how an installation from us will give you a great sounding pub, bar or nightclub.

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